How To Watch UFC 252 Live Stream Online

How to Fight Island for UFC 251 live streams info

Fight night is filled with decisions, as UFC 251 live stream is through the early prelims, in the main prelims, with the main card coming in less than an hour. It’s like none that we’ve ever seen before, taking place at UFC: Fight Island — and we’ve got results below.

Yes, what once seemed like a joke, and then a cancelled attempt at craziness, is now reality, in Abu Dhabi. At the top of the card we’ve got the welterweight championship match with Kamaru Usman defending his title against third-ranked Jorge Masvidal — and I’m hearing good reasons why either could win.

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Masvidal’s a threat to take the title because of his explosive KO capability, but can he be expected to fight at the level we expect when he took this booking on six days notice?!

Usman’s the more-prepared fighter of the two, and has that innate ability to just slow a match down to his own pace and grind it out to a win. This should be a fantastic fight.

And from what we’ve heard, UFC is doing bloodsport in the age of COVID correctly, not only testing talent when they fly to the island, but several times after arrival. All in all, 3,300 tests are expected to be performed.

After the 630-person crew of athletes, staffers and fellow workers arrive on the island, they’re entering a Safe Zone they cannot leave, which has checkpoints to stop the public from entering. No, it’s not Mortal Kombat, it’s UFC 251.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch UFC 251 live streams online:

How to live stream UFC 251 from anywhere
If you’re traveling outside the country don’t try to get into Fight Island, that won’t work out, you don’t need to miss UFC 251 live or try and watch it with some dodgy stream. With a virtual private network, or VPN, can help you connect to your desired streaming service through a U.S. server and watch the fights as if you were at home.

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